Menswear 2020 Fashion Trends

Fashion trends of 2020 are in full swing and men are right in the middle of all of the fashion frenzy! Men’s fashion trends historically trail behind in the shadows of women’s fashion, but 2020 has exploded with exciting new looks for men of all ages. Whether you are interested in finding a new style for yourself, or you want to have the man in your life dripping with swag, there plenty of options in these biggest menswear trends of 2020.

Carry In Style

Who says great bags are only for women? Men love to carry their personal belongings in style too! This year, the cross body bag is all the rage among men who value having practical yet stylish ways to carry their goods. A step up from the fanny pack worn across the torso which is still in style, cross body bags can be worn across the chest or back to safely carry any items with a cool and sleek vibe.

Street Jackets

The cross body bag will come in handy strapped underneath this years hottest of cool urban outerwear. A 2020 version of the motorcycle jacket has hit the streets promising to cloak any man (or woman) in its rock star look. These long, sleek leather jackets ad a twist to their traditional shorter motorcycle brothers, making them easily dressed up or dressed down to fit any occasion.

Tie Dye It

When in doubt as to what to through on with any pant or or pair of shorts, grab the tie die shirt and stand out in the crowd. Tie dye everything is back in style and hot off of the runway this season, adding funky and hip color to any choice of outfit. Men can’t go wrong with a striking tye dyed tank under his urban chic monochromatic suit for a carefree romp along the shore this summer.

Color Of One

Monochromatic suits are all the rage as they hit the scene with hues ranging from pale pastels to vibrant bright colors, perfect for any occasion and any man. Dress these swanky suits up or down to your liking as they are perfect for boardroom presentations and afternoon cocktails with friends.

Make It Yours

Regardless of what this year’s trend you chose to work into your wardrobe, make it uniquely yours by adding your own style and personality.  When you are ready to increase your fashion game, find everything at Fashion Liquidators that you will need to get the look you want.